Setup for KZMZ anniversary exibition participation

As part of preparation for KZMZ anniversary exibition participation we transported all of our modules to museum one Sunday morning using museums vans and agreed on a setup plan.

Dubravko spent one morning in museum preparing electronic for automated driving while layout is in “exhibition” mode.

Train circles around one or two laps then slowly enters the station and stops. It starts again after few moments.

That same day afternoon Davor, Dubravko and Boki put modules together and fixed legs on them. We had to change some of the holes on modules from first setup. That was needed because we changed module depth and height of the layout for the last setup. Because of that it took us little longer than would be usually because of that but now we have everything in line.

It took us half of another day to connect all the modules together, fix all the minor damages, connect the electricity and run first train. Even if the first engine to run was European type it was success and electronic for controlling it was working as expected. After that first run, Oli very quickly exchanged that European engine wit pure blooded ALCo 😊. With that and another group selfie we are ready for KZMZ anniversary exibition participation.