El Peso Railroad Layout Plan v2

As we decided to go to 6. Convention we designed new layout plan for our modules.


Decision was made to go with narrower (30cm instead of 50cm) and shallower modules (10cm instead of 20cm). We left an option of standard dimensions (or even wider) where and when necessary.
We also decided to simplify end boards (profiles). From the beginning we used European FREMO profile (because it is what we had from our European modules). Because it was either time consuming (self made) or expensive (ordered) to reproduce intricate profile we decided to remove some of the details. Boards now can be produced fairly quickly using table saw and jig saw.


New layout plan has two major themes. One is “mainline” running through farmland and ghost town of Tucumcari. Another theme is branch line which focuses on barge crossing a river.

Two return loops encloses mainline part to enable continuous run. One of the loops is bare and has two tracks so it can be used as staging with little bit ove 3m of track in each siding. Another loop will be finished (landscaped) to some degree. General idea is to have some kind of hill covering most of the loop with (dummy) track over it. Return loops are controlled by TEMS return loop circuit (which also controls the switch on the loop entrance).
Both loops are composed of three sections(two large and one small each). Two bigger one from each loop are paired for transportation and smaller one from one loop is paired together with smaller one from another loop.
Barge section has loading/unloading modules on both sides. Loading and unloading of cars onto the barge will be automated and barge will travel from one apron to another. Barge will be scratch built and tug made form kit.
Straight section of the layout will be farmland with small station from last El Peso setup (Smallville).
Modules connecting mainline and branchline will have interlocking on one side and for the rest of them there will be old western town. It is setup as tourist attraction, something that really happened in that period in several of ghost towns. Part of the old town is used as a movie set during filming.

Layout plan (click to enlarge)

List of modules in layout plan

1. Double track return loop – Corona(?)
2. Straight farmland module – El Sobrante
3. Station module – Smallville
4. Straight module – ?
5. Interlocking – Riverside Jct.
6. Sceniked loop – The Loop
7. Corner module with old town – Tucumcari
8. Barge loading – ?
9. Barge unloading – Jurupa Valley