Test run

As convention is approaching we are picking up the pace, finishing the details and making a test run over the modules.


Barn and House are placed on farm module and roads are finished with ground cover. Oli made all the rail crossings from wood strips.
Niko is putting together details on his module. He finished road and together with Davor ground cover. Shed is almost complete and roads received markings.

The Loop

Loop got its final layer of ground cover. We also placed tracks on the “upper” part off the loop.
Oli finished “window” into the tunnel on loop module and cut plastic decorative covering for module side. Dubravko cut transparent acrylic cover for that window.
Niko and Oli finished and painted rock faces on loop module. They used combination of cast plaster rocks and hand shaped plaster. They painted it with washes of different colors.

Test run

Electronics for return loops are working and we made a first complete test run. We connected all the available modules, without barge module, in slightly different configuration to enable testing. Niko painted module sides with beige paint (same as last time) and Dubravko purchased and finished cloth to cover lover part of layout.

Barge modules

Dubravko brought barge modules to the garage and we tested it as a complete unit. There were few errors but all of them are fixed during several work sessions and barge is operational.
Niko finished tug boat for barge module.