Planting an orange grove

After orange trees dried (that is, after glue holding them together dried J) I continued planting them. Before turning the trees green I used them to mark position for „planting“.

Now, I drilled holes in that locations. Holes are drilled all the way through foam and on the lower side. I glued short length of plastic straws in that holes and let them stick above surface for some 8-10mm, just eyeballing it. That straw was just a tad wider than the dowel used as a trunk for a tree and idea is to just drop the trees in it. Part of that plan was to paint that straws brown to hide black plastic they were originally made of.

After placing first tree it became obvious that there is no need for that since “trunk” want be seen unless you come very close and very low, and even than it just looks dark and not plastic at all. That’s why I decided to skip painting the trunk. Besides that, Idea worked very well and trees were stable at their location and very easy to remove.

Last step was putting down some gound cover on that part of module. It followed standard setup with more earth bland under the trees and through the rows beetwen trees to simulate path for people and machinery.

Here are two pictures before and after…