Preparing for the Exhibition: Setting Up El Peso Modules and Testing Train Operations

During the initial day of preparation for the latest El Peso setup, we transported the modules to the exhibition hall and proceeded to unpack them from their transport frames. Afterwards, we positioned each module onto its respective feet. Simultaneously, the other teams were working on their own layouts in close proximity to us. These preparations were to be completed during the next two days leading up to the exhibition’s commencement.

This exercise showed us the required time for unpacking, setting up, and connecting the modules in a sizable setup. As there are further exhibitions in the future…

In preparation, we conducted testing and made adjustments, such as halving the height of most modules (with the exception of two modules that retained their original depth due to their content).

The barge was assembled and tested in the morning of the second day, while the second section/layout was connected in the afternoon. Wiring was established and after a few hours, we ran the first train. Dubravko completed the installation of smoke effects for the trestle, while Davor touched up the paint on the exterior of the modules.

Last day of setup was used to put fabric around modules, tidy up wiring to remove wires hanging from underside. We setup DCC system and connection locations for handheld regulators. We also setup WiFi connection to smartphone app used as alternative way of running trains.