El Peso is confirmed for 2nd Dutch US Convention!

We have been contemplating attending the 2nd Dutch US Convention and recently received confirmation.

About convention

The convention, spearheaded by the dedicated efforts of Ronald Halma, marks the second time it is being held in the Netherlands, following in the footsteps of successful past editions.

The decision to organize this convention follows the discontinuation of traditional gatherings in Z├╝rich and Rodgau. The absence of these events has left a void in the community, making the Dutch US Convention particularly significant. By offering model railroaders a platform to gather, share layouts, and participate in workshops, the organizers aim to revive camaraderie and establish a new tradition. We look forward to showcasing our layout, connecting with fellow enthusiasts, and engaging in the world of US-themed model railroading at the upcoming convention, which will take place in the DRU Industrie Park in the small town of Ulft.

We look forward to being part of this vibrant community and contributing to the success of the 2nd Dutch US Convention.

2nd Dutch US Convention flyer

Plan for Dutch US Convention participatin

We planned to attend a convention following the success of the first one. The idea to actively participate rather than just visit arose after the 2023 Family Mall exhibition, where we conversed with fellow modelers from Slovenia, Friends of American Rails. Encouraged by the exhibition’s triumph and the enjoyable time we had operating trains all weekend, we quickly decided to commit.

Our initial contact with the organizer was during the exhibition, and their response was favorable. Preparations for the convention commenced in the summer of 2023, during which we reviewed ideas gathered from the previous exhibition and created a to-do list.

To minimize costs, we opted for a smaller setup involving two cars. We conducted repairs and enhancements to the modules, focusing on the tracks and frames. A significant addition was the introduction of a modular backdrop that will run behind the modules, with the backdrop holders also serving as future light fixture mounts.