Gas Station – Part 4

As I continued with gas station I began with pump island assembly and trim details on building itself.

Trim was painted red and while there are some paint errors they will be corrected later.
Bottom wall (brick) was painted buff, same as shingles on the side of the roof.

Roof was painted with mix of grey and brown paint with individual shingles randomly painted with darker and lighter shades of gray.

Everything has been given a light grey drybrush treatment (especially doors and windows).

Small details on the pump island are painted red too (drum, oil cans,…). Pumps themselves are also painted red with silver nozzle and additional details on the island are painted silver. Later on there will be some (heavier) “oil stain” weathering on the drum and tools.


And after all, house and island have been placed on module to see how it looks J