Additional foam and making of a dry creek

For the first time since the beginning of the intense working activities there were four of us present in the “evening shift” – Boki, Davor, Niko and Oli.We had only three workbenches, so Oli’s two angle modules were used as a workbench.

At the beginning we had checked all plans for module landscapes and did some minor adjustments on them. After that, with the little help of saw, Boki did some configuration changes on Davor’s module with the dry creek on it.

After the agreement about the type, size and shape of the future bridge over it has been achieved, Niko and Boki worked on the wooden base for the tracks, they put underlying cork on it and H0e tracks on top.

Oli and Davor put foam parts on different modules, together with sawing of module sidewalls where needed according to the plan.

With the little luck and enough workers, next session would end with all modules finished with foam parts and ready for plastering or balasting track.