Modules are covered

During last month of works we finished almost all of the construction.

We covered all the modules with 2cm thick layer of extruded foam.
Revere loops might be unfinished for longer period of time (or at least one of them) but this layer of foam serves as a protection for falling models.
Niko installed in each module additional wooden strips to hold legs staight.
We also wired all the regular modules and mounted switch machines (ones from Conrad).
There still remains a wiring for reverse loops which is complicated so it takes longer to finish.
Loops have reverse circuits and control for switches and sidings (double loop). Because those modules could be mounted, depending on layout, with both sides facing wall we have to install double controls.
Also, they have to operate on DCC as well as regular DC. Since reverse loop circuit works for DCC only (both for polarity and entrance turnout) in DC mode polarity and turnout has to be switched manualy. All this leads to complicated wiring but it will to be finished soon.