Ground cover and Old town

Modules are starting to grow some green on them…

Ground cover

Davor started covering modules with our standard combination of ground material.
We are using WS fine turf in several colors to achieve desired look. Roads are mostly covered with sifted river sand (same as on last module buildup). After covering ground with material it is misted with alcohol and saturated with diluted white glue.
Fields on a farm module are created with different brands of wheat/corn fields which Davor shaped and glued on three field locations. Where adjoining pieces of field meet Davor interlocked them to avoid straight line seams.
Oli and Davor mostly finished plastering loop module.

Old town

Davor and Oli made final arrangements of houses in the old town. Davor and Boki planned cemetery layout and Boki painted WS metal castings for the grave stones. There will be a movie shooting scene, combination of WS and Preiser sets.
Oli built interlocking from Walthers kit and we placed it on one half of the interlocking module.

 Existing station module and legs

Station module from previous setup needed to be cut down to same height as new ones. This involved moving around several control switches.
As we need to work on more modules at the same time we decided to put them on legs and keep them that way for the remainder of work. We are using same legs as last time but we had to make the top of the legs narrower to fit into new modules.