Module name: Smallville
Dimension: 200x30cm
Type: Straight station module (2 segment module)
Description: Station module (double)

This is station module made from two parts with possibility of adding additional modules in between to lengthen available tracks.


There is small stock pen spur. Stock pen is Life Like kit modified to fit available space and weathered. There is one cowboy (and few more in plan) following cattle outside of pen.
Loading ramp is made of foam base, covered with plaster and painted and weathered. Crates and barrels complete details together with two workers loading truck.


On the opposite side of module is small diner in repurposed railroad car. Car is IHC heavy weight combine cut in half (on an angle). Interior is made from styrene and includes bar counter, tables and kitchen that can be seen through back wall window. Floor, back wall and kitchen interior is printed. Small shed is attached on the back side as storage. Styrene siding is used for skirting around the car and for the stairs.
Figures are Preiser (custom painted) and Noch, while the vehicles are form Busch, CMW and Praline.