Santo Poco

Module name: Santo Poco
Dimension: 100x30cm
Type: Straight module
Description: Module with church

Santo Poco module represents a Mexican wedding scene in front of a rural mission style church.


Church is scratch built from white foam board painted and weathered (using washes and powders). Surface from the foam board has been removed on some areas to expose bricks underneath.
Roof is plastic board (not really Spanish tile but close enough). Random individual tiles are painted in several shades of umber and ochre. Different details are made from styrene and bell in tower is from locomotive.
In front of the church is Mariachi band, dancers, bride and groom and lot of other figures.

Details and figures

Tables are made from styrene (together with details on them). Figures are mostly Preiser with some of them from Aneste (Mariachi band and dancers) and Noch (wedding figures). Preiser figures have been modified (some really heavy) by adding details (sombreros and clothing details) and all of them have been painted appropriately. Three figures are detailed and painted as Three Amigos from the same movie. There are also figures of El Guapo and Jefe. Noch bride and groom have been modified to look like Mexican figures and priest have also been modified to match the theme.