El Peso to participate in KZMZ 50th anniversary exhibition

El Peso team is on the road again. As we are also members of our local model railroad club “Zagreb” (www.kzmz.hr) we decided to accept offer to be part of their exhibition.

Exhibition will be held in Technical Museum “Nikola Tesla” in Zagreb (www.tmnt.hr) from May 31, 2019 until June 16, 2019.

Club is organizing exhibition to celebrate its 50 years of continuous work.

For this setup, we’ll use almost all of our modules in one large oval plus barge branch to one side.

We decided to run the layout in DC with possibility to run it DCC when we are present. That was the reason for oval arrangement, because our reverse loop electronic is for DCC only.
Return loops are therefore only modules we have that are not going toe used this time

Barge will be working only when some of us is present to supervise it but the train will run in the oval automatically.