El Peso Railroad Layout Plan v1

Initial idea for El Peso Railroad layout was envisioned as a modular layout with 10 modules. We decided to go with European FREMO norm because of experience we have with them.
We had few iteration and ideas through which layout grew to 12 modules and this is our current layout plan (although, drawing is in draft stage).

This is setup used in 5. Convention in 2015.


List of modules:

  1. Corner module with a tall trestle –¬†Los quir√≥pteros canyon
  2. Corner module with mine and narrow gauge line – Fleisch Mine
  3. Station module with both narrow and standard gauge – Black Rock
  4. Module with dry creek and washed out line – Garaje arroyo
  5. Passing siding module with stock pen (double) – La Manzana
  6. Corner module with oil pump and parking lot – Carrington’s bend
  7. Corner module with railroad fill – Hobos Gap
  8. Station module (double) – Smallville
  9. Module – Santo Poco
  10. Module with gas station and orchard – Minalittas Road