El Peso Team is confirmed for 2017 Convention

After last Convention in 2015 we loosely agreed on participation in next one. Even as we drove to Frankfurt last time we developed some ideas for future modules.

During spring and summer of 2016. El Peso Team had few gatherings to brainstorm on the idea of future participation. Sometime in early fall we made a final decision to submit registration with El Peso Railroad Version 2.

Since the layout is modular we had more options concerning the composition and size of layout. We exchanged few emails with organizer of Convention and agreed on final layout configuration.
They confirmed our participation before the years end and it was official: El Peso Team is going to next Convention.

Latest Plan

Newest incarnation of EPRR was (re)named El Peso RR Riverside branch.

We have plans for most of the modules and two of them are still blanks but we’ll soon have all that sorted out.

We’ll try to keep up with the progress reports soon and in a few days we are going to publish newest layout plan with description.

More details about convention can be seen here http://www.us-convention-brd.de .