Gas Station – Part 1

One of the objects needed to complete first module is a small gas station with repair shop.

Gas station is Woodland Scenics Kit (D223). It is a soft metal kit with decent details and not the worst of metal kits fitting.

Architecture is probably more eastern but it will do for south west.

First step is cleaning seam lines from parts and dry fitting everything.


Since the metal is soft all that is needed is small file and knife. Rotary tool with sanding drum was used for some of the heavier flash lines (although, knife and file would do for this also).


Here you can see cleaned up details around windows (previous picture was from the back side of moulding which have diferent details).



After sanding everything I made sure that parts fit. There was a gap on part of the back side of roof ridge and some gaps in corners.

None the less, gaps where deemed small enough that glue and putty will fill them.

I used UHU Hart glue for construction. Although it is not primary used for metal it is doing a good job here. Usual glue for this type of kit is CA (Gel if possible) but I had this one on hand and decided to try.

Since it is pretty thick it also filled some of the gaps on the joints.

Assembled "half-sides"